The Expression of Intimacy

The touch of your hand

On my back,

Makes me feel there can be no lack...

Of intimacy.

We speak into the night's eve or the early hours,

When we both are rested or

Each other we just devoured.

What the future can hold,

How we can get there.

You're focused on a master plan

And I'm just grateful it's me who gets to hear.

I feel and see you,

And I just want to play my part.

Your partner, your love, the one who gets to have your heart.

We laugh and joke,

Like a harmless puppy love on a school yard playground,

Just hearing and feeling your heartbeat--

Goodness, it's strong and beating of sound.

Can I tell you my fears and you become somewhat of my diary?

Don't worry; whatever you tell me won't become some kind of liability.

You can trust me,

I give TLC effortlessly--

Don't you know by now you're my muthaf*ckin' baby?

Promise me you'll always talk to me, in the day and night.

To feel human and seen simultaneously, and for a mutual love,

I shouldn't have to force or fight.

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