Balancing Your Mental Health Is More Than A Job, It's A Lifestyle.

***Disclaimer: I speak from personal experiences; I am not a licensed expert of any sort. I speak in terms of how I'd want someone to talk to me. I speak out of love and care. I am human and will make mistakes, like the next conscious being. I also am heavily sarcastic and love to laugh. Any advice or tips I give, or share are simply suggestions; take what resonates, leave what doesn't.


When you think of your own mental health, are you satisfied with how you currently handle it?

I ask, because, in my opinion, it seems to be a common way of thinking "no one cares" nowadays and it doesn't seem fair. Wouldn't you agree? Honestly, life can't always be fair, but it shouldn't be common to feel alone. I have met some beautiful minded people over the last 15 years of my life and all of them seem to have had one thing in common: their mental health has brought them to an extremely low place and s*icide, as a solution, was definitely considered.

Okay, so you're probably thinking so what or everyone has bad days, but that's not what I want to focus on. I never like to give negative energy to this kind of topic because I view it as insensitive and the world has enough of that cup of tea going around. What I'd like to focus on is how unity and relating to one another, rather than creating unnecessary competition, could help us all. Specifically I'm talking to Black women as I am one myself. However, if you're not a Black woman, something here may still help you.

Be Here Now, Worry About the Past Less, & Create A Better Future

Read this:

The actions that we know are most impactful sometimes are not in the front of the mental. Contemplating what should, could, would be in the present, takes away from that very moment. The moments when you figure out what to do, sometimes you should have been preparing for the future during that too. The downfalls that we experience in life, cannot be the cause of us not elevating into who you can be. It’s okay, that’s why you learn. Time gives you that lesson. The moment we are ready, that is why it must happen. I appreciate life as it is, could be, would, and should. It glistens, caresses, and showers me with Gratitude, Discipline, Patience, Fortitude, Awareness, Love, Prosperity, Wonder, and Blessings. The everyday habits transformed right before my eyes. Learning that first my worthiness is within. The Creator loves me no matter what and sees the best inside. It allows me to transcend the thought of not being enough. Everything that has my name will come to pass and it is. For that is the thing that gets me pass the shame and negatives. Responsibility comes with prosperity gains. I appreciate the life I am and have created. Everything I want, Wants Me. Growth is a Part of Life. Change is the Gift for now, then, and the Time to Come.
By Latrese Greene,
Instagram: @tree.essentials

After reading that, does it make you feel any kind of way? It's easy to get stuck in the past and even worry about the future. It's a habit that has no good feeling following it, therefore we must all stop it in the best way possible. It'd be great to go back and change a lot of things I bet but is it fair to yourself to dwindle on things you can't change? Probably not and I bet you knew that too. Bottom line:

Be kinder to yourself more and that includes who and what you see in your reflection. Nevermind what you don't have--who do you see? If you see a f*cking rockstar, then that's who you are. If you also see someone who needs work as far as your health goes, that's even better because you're taking some accountability. Only you can change your image and how you think. A wise man once told me, "You are the creator of your universe". So what kind of reality do you want to live? If you don't think you're ugly but that changes as soon as you get on social media--take breaks from being online and get in tuned with what you like about yourself. If you think your diet sucks but you're a fan of cooking shows, slowly incorporate healthier eating. Just remember you don't have to be so hard on yourself. Rockstars ( and even bad b*tches and goddesses) don't do that. Elevate yourself, boo. Take one day at a time. From my personal experiences and journey in my own self-love conquests, you gotta learn how to be your own hero. Wouldn't it be magnificent to smile at your reflection more or just the thought of being you?

Accountability Is An Eternal Practice

Mistakes can be made, especially in balancing your mental health--that's how you grow, right? If you're a student of shadow work or self reflecting, you already know that sh*t sucks. However, being able to do so is amazing and in this day in age, it still seems taboo. I mean, is it me or was 'accountability' everyone's favorite word in the last 2 years? Now, (could just be me again here) you mention the word and it's foreign to another individual. Don't let that be your nature; own your sh*t and move the f*ck on. Take your time in doing so but don't let it consume you. I feel like it can drive one crazy to dwell on negative thinking and next thing you know you feel like someone else in your own body. Whatever helps come back to your true, happy self--keep at it. Being honest with yourself means you know what works for you and doesn't. Don't worry about the next person; everyone can't ride the same wave. It's up tp you to balance your own health, but that doesn't mean you can't ask for help. Push all that pride to the side and make sure you're doing better for yourself first. It's okay to take a step back and check yourself. Growth isn't a one stop shop.

Final Thoughts...

Everyone has a bad day or two, and while you may be thinking no one understands you, I can say I surely do. Who likes to admit having low self-esteem or feeling completely sh*tty when they look in the mirror? Not most people, you, or even me. How you handle those crappy days is what's more important. How you choose to move on is vital. Give yourself more credit, believe in the healing version of you. No one is completely healed but certain things don't have to have your energy anymore. What will you let go of today? Do better for the sake of your health and be well.

And now a word from our ambassador:

Anxiety feels like a bowling ball size of worry sitting on top of your chest. You try and you attempt to calm yourself down or rationalize your thoughts, however the weight of that worry and that anxiousness on your chest makes it hard to breathe makes it hard to calm yourself. So you start to panic, hyperventilate, cry, hell, sometimes pass out. Sometimes, you go to sleep with a pounding headache and wake up the next day to prepare to carry on like your normal Trauma is like waking up from a nightmare of a past experiences or nightmares similar to experiences you’ve dealt with in the past crying, scared, angry and exhausted. It’s coming to reality after snapping into a flashback and realizing you’re crying for “no reason”, even though you can guess exactly why you’re crying. It’s not wanting to sleep because you don’t want to deal with the third nightmare in a row of the same thing you’ve already dealt with. It’s constantly having to relive the things you desperately want to forget. Depression is numbness to me. You don’t want to die but your will to live is very little to none. You want to have the energy to do things like interact with your family or friends, completing your schoolwork, getting up for work on time, be productive, but you can’t. You can’t because you don’t care. And not because you don’t want to care, but because you can’t. It’s laying in your bed constantly telling yourself over and over again to get up, begging yourself to get up but it’s hard. Now imagine having all three. For anyone dealing and battling through mental issues and wars, you are not weak. You are strong. You’re strong because after a panic attack, a nightmare or haunting flashback, or laying in bed and not completing things you need to get to, you still somehow find a way to live your life. You fight through what you’re dealing with and continue on. Some with support groups like friends, family, peers dealing with the same thing, and some unfortunately alone. I just want you to know that if you come across this thread and you feel like nobody understands you or what you’re going through, or that you’re alone, that is a lie. There are millions of people on this planet every day that continue with these mental struggles. Some just one, some two, some three and some many more. Continue to pray, continue going to therapy, continue with your treatment, continue going outside and breathing the fresh air, continue reading books if that’s what helps you. But while you are continuing on, just remember; there are many others like you. We know what you’re going through, we are proud of you because we know how hard it is and we are rooting for you. 👽🌱

By: Venus Flii

IG: @_rule_of_venus_

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